Wine Wash

Wine Wash

If you feeling like something unusual…

Ingredients & Measures:

50ml Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin
100-150ml Folkington’s Original Tonic Water (Our preferred local Tonic Water)
5ml Jordan ‘The Prospector’ Syrah (Our wine from our sister company, Jordan)
3 Fresh/Frozen large hedgerow Blackberries (or Blueberries/ Raspberries)


Pour the Jordan Syrah into your chosen G&T drinking glass. Add one ice cube and swirl the glass so the wine coats the glass, strain some wine off into another glass, leaving a small coating on the glass. Add more ice cubes, Mousehall Gin, add Folkington’s Tonic Water and watch the pink magic happen. Stir gently so all the ingredients are integrated. Garnish with Blackberries from the garden.

Distiller’s Tips

The larger the ice cubes, the colder the drink, the less dilution and the more flavour there is. If you don’t want to strain off any of the wine, you can always build your G&T first (see Gin & Tonic Recipe) and then add 5ml of wine to the gin. This is our version of a Pink Gin.

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