Every decision we make at Mousehall our first consideration is the effect we have on the environment.

As a new Distillery & Winery, we aim to be sustainable and environmentally conscious from the beginning. 

Our first product Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin is sustainable, both in production and in packaging. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

Energy Consumption: 

We have fitted 76 solar panels on the Distillery & Winery roof which provides enough electricity to power the still and other equipment. We mostly distil on sunny or bright cloudy days, to reduce the electricity consumption required to power the still. On those days that we produce more energy than what we require, we feed back into the grid. 


The botanicals from our distillation are collected for composting on Mousehall Farm to provide nutritious compost for our Gin Garden and surrounding gardens. We have planted Juniper Communis and Angelica at Mousehall. While we await our first crop of Juniper, we have sourced our supply from a local company, providing top quality botanicals, ethically sourced from small producers across UK, Europe & Africa. We are proud to use locally grown English Coriander Seed, as one of our core botanicals in our Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin. 

Neutral Spirit:

We receive our neutral grape and grain spirit from a local supplier.

Water Consumption:

We are in the process of connecting an old well on the property to supplement our water supply. By law, the minimum ABV in the UK is 37.5%. Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin ABV is 43.2%, so our water requirement is less than for lower ABVs. 



Our gin bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. A lower consumption of fuel is required when melting post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass material than when converting the raw material into glass. The use of 100% post-consumer recycled glass allows for lower energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. It also implies a lower total extraction of virgin materials, since 1 kg of recovered glass is equivalent to 1.2 kg of virgin raw materials. When the PCR glass is used, imperfections causing small bubbles are welcomed. Each glass bottle run is unique creating a blue/ green tinge.


Our packaging is vegan and biodegradable. We use FSC (Forest Steward Council) approved recyclable paper, the foiling on our label is sustainable, the ink is water-based and no animal glue is used. 


Our closure is made from sustainably sourced beech wood and the cork is a Sughera cork, the first of its kind, made from fragments of cork, without the use of glue to bind it together. Sughera is part of the Mixcycling sustainable materials, that recycles waste material from others kind of production.

Tamper Seal: Our tamper seal is made from plant starch (corn & sugarcane), polylactic acid (PLA). It is biodegradable and should be placed into your compost heap. This is not plastic. 

Gift bag: Our gift bag is made from FSC approved paper with an eco-matt laminate which protects from spills and can be repurposed. Vegan glue is used to construct the bag. 

Gift box: We have designed an eco repurposable gift box. The gift box is made from FSC approved cardboard and uses no glue, nor magnets. We encourage you to repurpose, regift or recycle this gift box.