Every decision we make at Mousehall our first consideration is the effect we have on the environment...

As a sustainable Distillery & Winery we aim to implement sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in every aspect of the business.

There are more sustainable resources becoming readily available, one example is biodegradable tamper seals made from corn starch rather than plastic. We believe that if we do not implement these practices and sustainable measures from the start our environment will suffer for it.


Our spirit bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. The use of 100% post-consumer recycled glass allows for lower energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

Our packaging is vegan and biodegradable. We use FSC (Forest Steward Council) approved recyclable paper, the foiling on our label is sustainable, the ink is water-based and no animal glue is used.

Our closure is made from sustainably sourced beech wood and the cork is a Sughera cork, the first of its kind, made from fragments of cork, without the use of glue to bind it together.

Tamper Seal:
Our tamper seal is made from plant starch (corn & sugarcane). It is biodegradable and should be placed into your compost heap. This is not plastic.

Gift box:
Our Gift boxes are bespoke made in order to be 100% recyclable, which means that no magnets have been used for this box closure. The gift box is made from FSC approved cardboard and uses no glue and can easily be broken down to recycle or keep erect to be reused. We encourage you to repurpose, regift or recycle this gift box.

Energy Consumption

76 Solar Panels

We have fitted 76 solar panels on the Distillery & Winery roof which provides enough electricity to power the still and other equipment. On those days that we produce more energy than what we require, we feed back into the grid.


The botanicals from our distillation are collected for composting on Mousehall Farm to provide nutritious compost for our Gin Garden and surrounding gardens. We have planted Juniper Communis and Angelica at Mousehall. We are proud to use locally grown English Coriander Seed, as one of our core botanicals in our Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin.

Regenerative Farming

The Dorper Sheep is a South African breed of sheep (Persian Ewe crossed with a Dorset Horned Ram). Dorper’s are self-shedding, hardy sheep and they play a very important role at Mousehall. They are part of our regenerative farming plan. They are improving our field and vineyard soil conditions which results in soil carbon deposits.

Bees & Trees

Bees play a vital role in the food we eat, about ¾ of food wouldn’t exist without bees. At Mousehall we are ethical beekeepers, we have 9 beehives, and we believe if we look after the bees, the bees will in turn look after us. We have planted over 60 Apple, Pear & Cherry trees, as well as other plants and flowers the bees and birds thrive off. When there is a surplus of Honey from a good Spring/Summer we will carefully harvest this from the hive. We always make sure the bees have a sufficient amount of honey to survive the winter.