Mousehall Wildflower Honey

Our honey is completely natural, raw and utterly delicious. Our Wildflower honey is a combination of nectar the bees have foraged from Mousehall. We have an abundance of flowers including: Saffron, Clover, Daffodils, Honey Suckle, Linden Trees, Brambles, Elderflowers, Bluebells, Foxgloves, Ivy and many more.

We are ethical beekeepers, we want each colony to thrive without harming the bees. Honey is only taken from the hives when plentiful and appropriate, leaving the bees with more than enough honey to survive the winter.

We have carefully strained, bottled and labeled each bottle by hand on Mousehall Country Estate
Mousehall Wildflower Honey Mousehall Wildflower Honey
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Mousehall Wildflower Honey
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