Mousehall History

Why the name Mousehall? 

The property was first known as Mousehall from as early as the Norman Conquest (11th century), as Mousehall was first recorded in the Domesday book in 1086.

In more recent times it was originally thought to have been named after the first traceable owner, James de Mouleshale "James of Mousehall" in the 14th century, however it is uncertain if it was actually named after the Monse family who first arrived in Sussex during the Norman Conquest (11th century). 

We are still yet to do more research as to whether James De Moushall and James Monse were the same person. In the 1300's Mousehall was known as Monsehall, Mouleshale, Moushall, Mousehale. 

We are intrigued to learn more about the history of Mousehall throughout the past years, decades and centuries and to piece together the puzzle.