Our Gin

400L Traditional Mueller Copper Pot Still

Aromas & Flavours

Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin is a Juniper-forward, London-dry style gin. 

Flavours & Aromas: Juniper; Coriander; Fresh Citrus; Floral; Spice

Finish: The Grape Neutral spirit, along with the oiliness from the fennel seed provides a wonderful mouthfeel and long, smooth finish. 

Neutral Spirit Matters

Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin is unique as it is made from both Grape & Grain 96% neutral spirit. Gin cannot legally be called gin if it doesn't start with 96% neutral spirit and Juniper. 

Grain Neutral Spirit is a blank canvas for botanicals, it is the most accessible and affordable neutral spirit making it the most popular base spirit for most gins. 

Grape Neutral Spirit is not commonly used, it is twice the price of grain neutral spirit, but it adds a complexity and quality we cannot get from Grain Neutral Spirit.

13 Botanicals

We use 13 botanicals in our gin with South African Rooibos & English Coriander Seed being unique botanicals and a link to both our South African & English heritage.


Orris Root 

Angelica Root

English Coriander Seed 

Moroccan Coriander Seed


Lemon Verbena

Fennel Seed

Celery Seed 


South African Rooibos (Redbush tea) 

Cubeb Pepper 

Fresh Seasonal Citrus



This process takes 3 weeks to avoid shocking the gin which can cause saponification (unwanted soapy and waxy character when the oils in the gin react to water).

To avoid this, we dilute every second day allowing the gin to rest in between dilutions until we reach our desired alcohol percentage of 43.2% ABV. 

The gin rests once more before bottling our Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin to ensure we have the accurate alcohol reading.